DEVELOPMENT ACTION NETWORK -DAN Somalia is a voluntary, non-governmental, non-political, non-partisan and nonprofit making organization, flexible and committed to providing interventions that rightly and adequately respond to the community’s basic needs relevant to the prevailing situation in Somalia. DAN is open to all without discrimination in terms of origin, race, colour or creed which is in line with the purpose of inception and existence of the organization. DAN is committed to carrying out activities that reflect its mission, goals and vision, for social development.

In recognition of the important role that education plays in development and peacebuilding, the organization has set as one of its goals, improvement of access to quality education that provides equal opportunities to all children regardless of sex or physical conditions in the hope and confidence that peace will be harnessed through the path of a literate citizenry.

DAN is a rights-based organization that puts a lot of emphasis on respect for human rights and gender equity. It advocates and practices zero tolerance to corruption.

To expand opportunities to those completing education through different pathways, DAN also programs in economic development and poverty alleviation programs that spur growth and livelihoods opportunities. Thus, it does with full knowledge that Somalia at this stage of reconstruction requires more innovation and pragmatism in project design and implementation

DAN attaches a high premium in strengthening the capacity of local community institutions and communities as the most sustainable way of overcoming ignorance, diseases, hunger, poverty, injustice and inequality.

DAN which, was founded in April 2006 by a group of experienced and committed humanitarian workers, who after experiencing the challenges faced by local population as they try to fight their way of out poverty, does not subscribe to any political or religious persuasions that discriminate against any citizen.


The strategies and activities developed herein are informed by DAN’s stated purpose and identity as promulgated in the statements that are reproduced below


Create trust and peaceful co-existence among Somali communities through job creation, intermingling and integration.


  • Internal democracy.
  • Nonviolence attitude, Non-Prejudice in religion, race, clan and factionalism.
  • Self-dedication and Commitment.
  • Transparency and accountability.
  • Volunteerism and hard working.
  • inclusion


DAN exists to empower communities through access to quality education, livelihoods opportunities, health services and economic development within an environment that promotes peace and respect for human rights.


DAN envisages a self-reliant Somali people living in peace, justice and prosperity.