DEVELOPMENT ACTION NETWORK (DAN) is an action-oriented voluntary, non-governmental, non-political, non-partisan and non-profit making organization that works towards achieving sustainable development in Somalia. Its interventions are planned and implemented with the participation and contribution of different stakeholders within and outside Somalia. DAN is flexible and committed to providing interventions that rightly and adequately respond to the country’s development needs. Engagements are concurrently done with both the grassroots and the national/state level institutions to ensure that needs of the community are addressed within an appropriate policy and structural environment. DAN is open to all without discrimination in terms of origin, race, colour or creed which is in line with the purpose of inception and existence of the organization. Since its inception in 2006, DAN has transformed the lives of over 150,000 people through sustainable development programs in Somalia.


DAN was established in 2006 to promote positive change in the social and economic lives of the Somalia population especially those adversely affected by persistent natural and man-made shocks. The strategies and activities developed by DAN are anchored on the Agency’s stated purpose and identity as promulgated in the goal, mission, vision and key objectives.


To promote peaceful co-existence and socio-economic development and status of vulnerable and disadvantaged women, children, youths and men in Somalia 


DAN exists to empower communities through access to quality education, livelihoods opportunities, health services and economic development within an environment that promotes peace and respect for human rights.


DAN envisages a self-reliant Somali people living in peace, justice and prosperity


  1. To enhance education and skill training opportunities for youth and adults and strengthen educational systems.
  2. To improve access to safe water, sanitation, and hygiene and facilitate acceptable standards of humanitarian services for vulnerable communities.
  3. To create trust and peaceful co-existence among Somali communities
  4. To promote sustainable food security and income generation through, food distribution, improved crop production, animal husbandry, infrastructure rehabilitation, cash-based livelihood interventions, improved markets, and market chain linkages.
  5. To strengthen the local, regional mediations and conflict resolution mechanisms thus reducing the number of active conflicts in Somalia
  6. To promote good governance, human rights, environmental conservation and responsible utilization and management of natural resources.

Core values include:

  • Internal democracy.
  • Neutrality in delivery of aid and all forms of assistance.
  • Nonviolence attitude, non-Prejudice in religion, race, clan and factionalism.
  • Transparency and accountability.
  •  Inclusion and respect of all human rights


DAN has an active Board of Directors responsible for policy and oversight and a management team responsible for day to day management of the organisation. In addition, DAN has developed appropriate policies and procetures to guard the attainment of its mission and vision.


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